Primary Information e-commerce design | for web 2023

Primary Information

e-commerce design

for web 2023


UX/UI Design, UX Research, Web Design, Non-Profit

Title: Primary Information E-Commerce Design

Date: January 2023 | 4 Week Solo Design Sprint


In their own words:

Primary Information is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 to publish artists’ books and writings. The organization’s programming advances the often-intertwined relationship between artists’ books and arts’ activism, creating a platform for historically marginalized artistic communities and practices.


Original Primary Information website (January 2023)


The following images illustrate my final design solutions, which were informed through user research, information architecture restructure through card sorting, and a competitive and comparative analysis that included Criterion Collection, Verso Books, and Printed Matter. Usability tests were conducted on the final prototype, resulting in a measurable, positive impact to the overall purchasing experience.

Samples of freshly designed screens (January 2023)

Design Changes: Homepage

“I particularly liked the modal that showed up when I added something to my cart. That’s because it contextually prompted me to take the next logical actions vs. require me to click on the cart to move forward”

Usability Test Participant

Design Changes: Main Navigation and Product Page

Main Navigation 2.0

The next iteration of the main navigation would include the removal of the hamburger menu from the web viewport and placement of the company logo to the left of the navigation bar.


Quantitative Testing Metrics

  • 28.9s average duration to purchase item.

  • 100% successfully purchased item.

  • 7.3s spent on checkout screen.

  • 0% of testers used the search function.

  • 100% successfully purchased item; users trended towards scrolling through the homepage to find an item vs. searching directly.

One test participant went to the Primary Information website and actually purchased Assembling a Black Counter Culture after testing this prototype.

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